Modular Synchronization Platform LANTIME M1000 (2023)

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Key Features

Modular Synchronization Platform LANTIME M1000 (5)Modular Synchronization Platform LANTIME M1000 (6)

Product Description

The M1000 standard 1U chassis offers the following slot types:

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  • IMS-CLK: Up to two reference clock modules (redundant mode)
  • IMS-PWR: Up to two high efficiency redundant power supplies (AC and DC versions available)
  • IMS-CPU: Central processor module providing NTP / SNTP time synchronization and management and configuration interfaces
  • IMS-ESI: Input references for 2.048MHz, 2.048MBit/s and variable frequencies:
  • IMS-MRI: IRIG, 1PPS, 10MHz input module:
  • IMS-IO: A variety of output signals for all types of synchronization tasks:
    Pulses, frequencies, time codes, serial time messages) and of course more network interfaces (IEEE-1588, NTP/Management ports)

NTP Time Server for large Networks
With up to 25,000 NTP requests per second, the system is able to provide time for hundreds and thousands of NTP clients. The LANTIME module supports the following protocols: IPv4, IPv6, NTP / SNTP (v2, v3, v4), PRP (IEC 62439-3), HTTP (S), SSH, Telnet, SNMP (v1, v2, v3), FTP, SFTP, DHCP/DHCPv6. For each system, up to 99 logical network interfaces are available (99 IPv4 and 99 IPv6 addresses).

Scalable NTP Time Server System
All modules are hot-plug capable and the modules can be configured via the central web interface (from the CPU module). Almost infinite number of combinations of input and output modules are available to meet almost any synchronization task. Because of simple extension by upgrading the system with new modules the scalability of the M1000 system is ensured.

Slots for Input Signals:
IMS-MRI:Standard reference inputs
IMS-ESI: Extended reference inputs
Both of these reference input interfaces may also be used as I/O slot.

Front Panel
The front panel of LANTIME M1000 integrates the familiar LC-Display with 4x16 characters and the well known LANTIME menu panel with 4 directional and 4 function buttons. This allows for a simple and fast on-site configuration of the main parameters. Hundreds of configuration options for the LANTIME CPU and the IMS input and output modules can be changed using the powerful web interface.

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The Active Cooling Module allows the installation of the M1000 safely within the temperature specification. The ACM is easily field-replaceable and allows for a hot-plug replacement without the need to power down the unit.

available IMS modules


Reference OptionsThe following reference sources can be used to synchronize the system:
  • GPS - Global Positioning System
  • GLONASS - Russian GNSS
  • GALILEO - European GNSS
  • BeiDou - Chinese GNSS
  • PZF - German DCF77 longwave radio signal
  • PTP/IEEE1588 - Precision Time Protocol
  • NTP - Network Time Protocol
  • SyncE - Synchronous Ethernet
  • Timecodes - IRIG/AFNOR timecodes (AM/DCLS)
  • PPS -Pulse Per Second
  • 10MHz - 10MHz reference frequency
  • 2.048kHz - 2.048kHz reference frequency
  • E1/T1 - Telecom Synchronization Input with full SSM/BOC support
The priority of all input signals can be freely configured in addition to a bias value and a precision level specification for each source.
DisplayLC display, 4 x 16 characters
Control ElementsEight push buttons to set up basic network parameters and to change system settings.
Status InfoFour bicolor LEDs in the Front panel showing status of:
- reference time
- time service
- network
- alarm

Rear status display for ACM (Active Cooling Module).

(Video) mbgNMS - Meinberg Management System |based on Skyline's dataminer network management system

Frequency OutputsAccuracy depends on oscillator (standard: OCXO-SQ), see oscillator list
Accuracy of Pulse Outputs< ±50ns (OCXO SQ, OCXO MQ, OCXO HQ, OCXO DHQ)
Network InterfaceBase Chassis:
1 x 10/100 MBit, RJ45CPU-C15G2
1 x 100/1000BASE-T RJ45
1 x 1000BASE-T SFP

Network Expansion - LNE Options:
Up to 16 additional network interfaces (GbE Gigabit Support) with 10/100/1000 MBit RJ45 connector or 1000BASE-T SFP (Multimode / Singlemode).

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ports1x USB port on front panel for:
- installing firmware upgrades
- performing backups and restoration of configuration files
- copying security keys
- locking & unlocking front buttons
Power SupplyMaximum power range:
AD10: 90-265 V AC, 47-63 Hz / 90-250 V DC
DC20: 20–60 V DC
DC10: 10–36 V DC

Redundant power supplies available

Power ConsumptionPmax = 50 W when using a single PWR module
Pmax = 100 W when using two PWR modules
  • Intel® Atom™ Processor E Series (2 Cores, 1.33GHz, TDP 3W)
  • Main Memory: onboard 2 GB
  • Cache Memory: 1MB 2nd Level Cache
  • Flash Disk: 4 GB
  • AMD Geode™ LX 800 (500 MHz, 128 KB L2 cache, 3.6 W)
  • Main Memory: onboard 256 MByte
  • Flashdisk: 1 GB
Operating System of the SBCGNU/Linux 4.x
Network Protocols OSI Layer 4 (Transport Layer)TCP, UDP
Network Protocols OSI Layer 7 (Application Layer)Telnet, FTP, SSH (including SFTP, SCP), HTTP, HTTPS, syslog, SNMP
Internet Protocol (IP)IP v4, IP v6
Network Autoconfiguration SupportIPv4: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP (RFC 2131)
IPv6: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCPv6 (RFC 3315) and Autoconfiguration Networking - AUTOCONF (RFC 2462)
Network Time Protocol (NTP)NTP v2 (RFC 1119), NTP v3 (RFC 1305), NTP v4 (RFC 5905)
SNTP v3 (RFC 1769), SNTP v4 (RFC 4330)
MD5 / SHA-1 Authentication and Autokey Key Management
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)PRP (IEC 62439-3)
Time Protocol (TIME)Time Protocol (RFC 868)
Daytime Protocol (DAYTIME)Daytime Protocol (RFC 867)
IEC 61850Synchronization of IEC 61850-compliant devices using SNTP
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)HTTP/HTTPS (RC 2616)
Secure Shell (SSH)SSH v1.3, SSH v1.5, SSH v2 (OpenSSH)
TelnetTelnet (RFC 854-RFC 861)
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)SNMPv1 (RFC 1157), SNMPv2c (RFC 1901-1908), SNMP v3 (RFC 3411-3418)
Form Factor19 inch rackmount case, black 1U/84HE
Ambient Temperature0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
HumidityMax. 85 %
Contents of ShipmentProduct documentation and software on USB storage device.
Technical SupportMeinberg offers free lifetime technical support via telephone or e-mail.
WarrantyThree-year warranty
Firmware UpdatesFirmware is field-upgradeable, updates can be installed directly from the unit or via a remote network connection. Software updates are provided free of charge for the lifetime of your Meinberg product.
RoHS Status of ProductThis product is fully RoHS-compliant.
WEEE Status of ProductThis product is handled as a B2B category product. For disposal, it must be returned to the manufacturer to ensure WEEE compliance. Any transportation expenses for returning this product (at end-of-life) must be covered by the end user, while Meinberg will cover the costs for the waste disposal itself.
Additional InformationAdditional information about the Meinberg LANTIME family of NTP time servers and other LANTIME models can be found on the LANTIME NTP Time Server Family Page .


Short Info Sheet

  • English Info Sheet - Rev.: 2022-Aug-22 / 70 KB
  • German Info Sheet - Rev.: 22.Aug.2022 / 70 KB


  • Handbuch (deutsch) ltos_7-00.pdf als PDF: 20988KB - Stand: 28.Feb.2022
  • Handbuch (deutsch) ltos_7-02.pdf als PDF: 22274KB - Stand: 28.Feb.2022
  • Handbuch (deutsch) ltos_7-04.pdf als PDF: 23023KB - Stand: 17.Aug.2022
  • Handbuch (deutsch) ltos_7-06.pdf als PDF: 24572KB - Stand: 17.Aug.2022
  • Handbuch (deutsch) m1000_base.pdf als PDF: 10403KB - Stand: 09.Aug.2022
  • Handbuch (deutsch) setup-guide_d.pdf als PDF: 917KB - Stand: 24.Apr.2019
  • Manual (english) ltos_6-24.pdf as PDF: 17772KB - Rev.: 2022-Jun-02
  • Manual (english) ltos_7-00.pdf as PDF: 19389KB - Rev.: 2022-Feb-28
  • Manual (english) ltos_7-02.pdf as PDF: 20740KB - Rev.: 2022-Feb-28
  • Manual (english) ltos_7-04.pdf as PDF: 21543KB - Rev.: 2022-Aug-17
  • Manual (english) ltos_7-06.pdf as PDF: 23083KB - Rev.: 2022-Aug-17
  • Manual (english) m1000_base.pdf as PDF: 9827KB - Rev.: 2022-Aug-09
  • Manual (english) setup-guide_d.pdf as PDF: 917KB - Rev.: 2019-Apr-24

Please note that only the most recent manual version is available for download. This manual therefore may not be suitable for all product versions.

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Rear View LANTIME M1000 with redundant power supply


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