LibreOffice vs MS Office vs WPS Office: Full Office Suite Comparison 2022 (2023)

Office suite software products are instrumental for building sheets, documents and presentations. Powerful office suite tools also help with developing real-time reports, data sheets, charts, and worksheets.

Complete office suite solutions are best for enhanced communication through their inbuilt collaboration tools like video calling and chat facilities.

What areOffice Suites?

Office suite apps are productivity tools comprising business applications for better file management, online meeting & training, and data storage. Office suite is deployed majorly for preparing slides, sheets and documents by students and professionals. Office suite platforms further offer form creating and real-time synchronization capabilities.

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Office Suites Comparison:LibreOffice Vs MS Office Vs WPS Office

Office Suites helps increase the productivity and collaboration across businesses of all types. Which Office package is ideal for your organization needs? This LibreOffice Vs MS Office Vs WPS Office comparison will help make an informed decision:

Office Suites LibreOffice WPS Office MS Office
Office ApplicationsCalc spreadsheet

Writer for word processing

Impress for presentations

Base for database

Formula Editor for math

Draw for vector graphics





WPS Cloud

OCR for picture to text

File Repair

Backup Centre









Price ModelOpen source & free office suites software Free office suites software with a ribbon-like user interface.

LibreOffice pricing plan starts at ₹2114 per annum

Free and premium plans available.

Premium Microsoft 365 plan starts at ₹100 per month.

Supported PlatformsWindows, macOS and Linux Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS Runs on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista, MacOS, Android & iOS
Switching Between DocumentsMacro code for switching between open writer documents Tabbed interface for switching between documents View tab for switching between documents
Multi-Language SupportSupport for around 110 languages Support for around 40 languages Support available for 90 plus languages
File Sharing & CollaborationInbuilt sharing tab for file sharing Share file on the cloud with WPS Cloud OneDrive and SharePoint for sharing files

Microsoft Office suite is an all-in-oneproductivity solution providing multiple tools for managing workflows, remoteschooling, meetings, etc. Microsoft Editor, PowerPoint Designer and premiumtemplates are examples of some such tools that come handy here. Multiple MS Office packages providemulti-device support along with additional cloud storage for efficient andproductive workflows.

To have a better LibreOffice Vs MS Office Vs WPS Office comparison, let’s look into these office suites in detail.

What are MS Office Suites?

MS Office package includes office productivity tools used for improving productivity and efficiency at work. MS suite eases communication between teams through various collaboration tools like Outlook, Teams and SharePoint.

Microsoft Office software with their built-in analytical tools help with data analysis for sound financial decision-making.

What’s Included in Microsoft Office Suites?

MS Office software gives access to latest updates, advanced security and complete technical support. Microsoft Office packages provide for royalty-free creative content for free of cost. These include fonts, templates, stock photos and icons.

Microsoft Suite even has inbuiltcreative tools like Resume Assistant, Designer & Ideas and PowerPointPresenter. Microsoft Office package provides access to specific applicationsunder different versions.

Microsoft 365 Home Microsoft 365 Business Microsoft 365 Enterprise Microsoft 365 Education
✅ Multiple Devices

✅ OneDrive Cloud Storage

✅ Outlook Microsoft

✅ Editor Premium Creative Content

✅ AI-powered creative tools

✅ OneDrive advanced security

✅ Microsoft Family Safety

✅ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

✅ Web and mobile versions of Office apps

✅ Teamwork & collaboration

✅ Web and mobile versions of Office apps

✅ Email and calendaring

✅ File storage and sharing

✅ Security & compliance

✅ Support and deployment

✅ Tools to build and manage your business

✅ Desktop versions of Office apps for PC and Mac

✅ Advanced threat protection

✅ PC and mobile device management

✅ Microsoft 365 Apps

✅ Email and calendar

✅ Meetings and voice

✅ Social and intranet

✅ Files and content

✅ Work management

✅ Advanced Analytics

✅ Device & app management

✅ Identity & access management

✅ Threat protection

✅ Collaboration & learning

✅ Classroom tools

✅ More inclusive classrooms

✅ Voice, video & meetings



✅ Management & security

✅ Advanced security Server & CAL Benefits

Microsoft Suite thus supports services highlighted in the table above for creating, collaborating and sharing the workflows. Some other additional services and apps offered by Microsoft Office software are:

  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Access (PC only)
  • Edge
  • Cloud App Security
  • MyAnalytics
  • Power Automate

MS Office Packages & Pricing Plans

Microsoft Office package is available for diverse needs, whether individuals or businesses. You can get Microsoft 365 for Business plan at just Rs 100 per month.

What is WPS Office?

LibreOffice vs MS Office vs WPS Office: Full Office Suite Comparison 2022 (2)

WPS app is a free productivity suite used for creating workspaces and organizing files. WPS Office apps let you work together on different presentations, spreadsheet, and documents. WPS Office 2019 & onwards also supports downloadable templates for filling out documents and customizing background images & colours.

WPS Office for PC & mobilehave inbuilt conversion tools for transferring documents into excel/wordformats. They are compatible with different file formats like docx, doc, xlsx,xls and ppt.

What’s Included in WPS Office for Windows?

WPS Office for PC supports severaluseful tools with familiar interface for creating and editing PDF documents. WPSOffice apps and their applications are:

WPS Office for Windows WPS Office Suites Modules
Presentation Creating presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint compatibility

Opening multiple presentations

Inserting animations, photos & videos

Writer Preparing content & editing documents

MS Office compatibility

Paragraph & text formatting

Adjustment tool

Opening multiple documents

Spreadsheet Building powerful spreadsheets

Inserting graphs, charts & tables

Multiple formulas & functions

Microsoft Excel compatibility

PDF Editing & converting pdf files

What’s Included in WPS Office Apps?

WPS Office apps support free one GB cloudstorage, which you can access from any location. With WPS Office download forWindows & mobile, you will get access to the optical character recognition featurefor converting images into text. Other features include file repair and backupcentres.

Here is a detailed description of what all services you get with WPS Office 2021 and later versions.

WPS Office for Linux Microsoft Office compatibility

Spell checks

Support for 32-bit & 64-bit systems

WPS Office for iOS Share Play for playing documents on a mobile

Opening and saving documents without any compatibility issue

WPS Office for Android Opening large-sized documents

Document reading and rearranging mode

PDF reader, spreadsheets, writer and presentation

WPS Data Recovery Master Recovering accidentally deleted files

External device recovery

Formatted file recovery

Deep Recovery

WPS Office Linux & Windows Pricing

WPS Office Premium for Windows,Mac, Android & iOS – Rs 2114 per year is the amount that needs to be paidfor WPS downloading. WPS office online here gives you access to extra 20 GBcloud storage, ad free access and splitting/merging PDF documents.

WPS Office also offers the freetrial version for WPSOffice Suite – PDF, Word, Spreadsheet, Slide View & Edit. You get here allthe features for file creation and sharing aside from complete compatibilitywith Microsoft 365.

MS Office Vs WPS Office: Which is Better Office Suites for Collaboration

Office Suites Software Microsoft Office Suites WPS Office
Pricing Starts at Rs 100 per month for Microsoft 365 Business plan WPS Office premium plan starts at Rs 2214 per annum
Features WordExcel







Database management

Task management





WPS Cloud

OCR for picture to text

File Repair

Backup Centre

Users Ideal for collaboration with a smaller group up to 10 people. Supports collaboration in larger groups and organizations.
Deployment Web-based








Support 24×7 online support Online support during business hours
Pros Content sharing & management becomes easier

Collaboration with Teams is an added advantage

Free content creation templates

Attractive page layouts & designs

Cons Microsoft Teams gets slow at times Includes ads

What is LibreOffice?

LibreOffice vs MS Office vs WPS Office: Full Office Suite Comparison 2022 (3)

LibreOffice Online is a publishing and word processor tool used for reading word files and saving the same in Microsoft word format. Libre Office Suite provides linking and text frames for planning the layout of files. LibreOffice for Linux & Windows is great for writing documents online and doing multipage displays.

LibreOffice for pc and mobile isdeployed further for database integrations, autocomplete/autocorrect, embeddingobjects and checking grammar/spellings. The LibreOffice app for Android and iOSis also useful for editing and importing PDF files.

What’s Included in LibreOffice forWindows?

LibreOffice for Windows as a robust office suite supports feature-rich productivity tools for managing spreadsheets, presentations, databases, word files and graphics. Here is a list of the products included:

Writer A word processor that is compatible with Microsoft Office
Calc A spreadsheet editor compatible with MS Excel
Impress A presentation software fully compatible with Microsoft Excel
Draw Vector graphics editor
Base Database management tool that is compatible with Microsoft Access
Math Creating and editing mathematical formulae

LibreOffice for Linux, Windows and macOS is compatible with Microsoft office and provides other range of features like:

  • Integration with Office components like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, OneDrive, G drive, SharePoint and more for document management.
  • PDF exporting with transition effects, extended and detailed image settings.
  • Multilanguage support and text shaping library
  • Writing aids like spell check, grammar check, hyphenation & thesaurus
  • Support for font variations and document classification
  • Importing SVG vector graphics
  • Inserting PDF images into documents
  • Drawing tools and integration with third-party collaboration software
  • Customizable user interface built-in into Libre Office suite

What’s Included in LibreOffice Android & Other Apps

LibreOffice supports the following LibreOfficebased products in Collabora app store.

  • Notebook Bar as a tablet UI
  • Microsoft office interoperability
  • Trackpad support
  • Creating new document labels
  • Status bar with active overwrite mode
  • Auto filters and document thumbnailing
  • Inserting reference fields and bookmarks
  • Multiple slide selection and duplication support
  • Direct formatting and UI polishing

LibreOffice Downloads Pricing Plans

LibreOffice is an open-source andfree development software available for download on its official website.

Microsoft Office Vs LibreOffice:Which is a Better Productivity Tool

Pricing: While LibreOffice is an open source office suites software, Microsoft Office is license based. In terms of functionalities, file sharing and collaboration is much easier with Microsoft Office. The latter has OneDrive and SharePoint applications for collaboration.

User Support: For user support, Microsoft 365 office suites provides 24×7 onlinesupport whether through chatbot or in person. LibreOffice majorly provide usersupport through its community platform. Its communities also provide valuable informationfor using this productivity solution.

Platforms Supported: Another key difference between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office is thecomfort of using their applications on Linux. Microsoft is a bit slow on Linuxbut for Windows and Mac, Microsoft Office is the ideal choice.

LibreOffice vs MS Office vs WS Office: Our Verdict

Detailed information about the different office suite apps would have given you a fair idea about their functioning and pricing structure. If you require Office suites software with limited features for collaboration with a group, LibreOffice or MS Office is an ideal choice.

However, Microsoft Office suites come with different versions and plans that cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses.

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