Best Clash Royale Decks – From Arena 4 to Arena 11 (June 2017) JUNE 10, 2017 — Steemit (2023)

Hey guys it’s Sidd and in this post I’m going to share the best Clash Royale decks for all Arena levels from Arena 4 to 11 and beyond, decks that I believe to be some of the best in the game and also usable by almost everyone!All of these decks were shared on Clash Royale Arena before so make sure you check the mentioned pages also for more detailed tips and strategies.

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Best Clash Royale Decks – From Arena 4 to Arena 11 (June 2017) JUNE 10, 2017 — Steemit (1)

Best Clash Royale Decks (From Arena 4 to Arena 11)

  • Arena 4: Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Knight, Minions, Cannon, Fireball, Arrows
  • Arena 5:Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits, Musketeer, Inferno Tower, Zap, Fireball
  • Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Musketeer, Barbarians, Minions, Fire Spirits, Zap, Arrows
  • Arena 7: Giant, Hog Rider, Musketeer, Barbarbarians, Minions, Elixir Collector, Fireball, Zap
  • Arena 8+
    • Night Witch, Graveyard, Ice Golem, Tornado, Executioner, Baby Dragon, Skeletons, Poison
    • Bowler, Electro Wizard, Baby Dragon, Graveyard, Poison, Skeletons, Knight, Tornado
    • Hog Rider, Executioner, Tornado, Lightning, Knight, The Log, Skeletons, Ice Spirit
    • Battle Ram, Three Musketeers, Miner, Goblin Gang, Skeletons, Elixir Collector, The Log, Electro Wizard
    • Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, Goblin Gang, Arrows, Skeleton Army, Lightning, Tombstone

These are the decks I recommend that you use for trophy pushing because all the cards in every deck I’m going to share in this article are fairly easy to obtain and easy to level up. And it’s important that you use the best and highest level cards for moving up in Arenas.More detailed General Gameplan of each deck is being updated…The best Clash Royale decks in this article are just my favorite ones and most of them are for Free-to-play players.

The Best Arena 4 Deck

I recommend using the Giant beatdown deck above, as it is the strongest attack strategy in the lower Arenas. The Giant combined with Witch and Musketeer are incredibly difficult to counter, especially since the biggest weakness to this is the Inferno Tower, but most people either don’t use the Inferno Tower here or have very low level Inferno. We also have Minions that can be used to distract the Inferno Tower. While Skeleton Army is also a big weakness to the Giant, but with the Witch, she can instantly destroy those Skeletons.

The Best Arena 5 and 6 Decks

For Arenas 5 and 6, you can use this very powerful Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel bait deck. In these Arenas, the Goblin Barrel is a very overpowered card due to the fact that most people here have low level Zap Spell and almost no one has the Legendary Log card. This deck can actually be used in Arena 10 with a lot of success, so it’s crazy that you can use it Arenas 5 and 6. The main strategy is to bait your opponent into using their spell card, then destroy them by distracting their Arena Tower with Hog Rider, while your Goblin Barrel does massive damage.
Another deck for Arenas 5 and 6 is the very overpowered Giant Balloon combo deck. This is the strongest offensive combination in Arenas 5 and 6. Simply play the Balloon behind the Giant, and it becomes super difficult to stop it from destroying a tower, especially in the lower Arenas where there aren’t many good defensive options. The best counter to Giant + Balloon is the Inferno Tower, so we have Zap Spell to reset the Inferno Tower and Minions to distract and kill. Minion Horde is another big weakness to Giant Balloon, but we can instantly kill them with Arrows or Fire Spirits.

The Best Arena 7 Deck

For Arena 7, I recommend taking advantage of the Elixir Collector that you unlocked at Arena 6 with this deck. Giant Hog Rider beatdown is a super powerful offensive combination that’s very difficult to stop when you have elixir stored up with your Elixir Collectors. The main weakness to this deck is the Inferno Tower, but you can use Minions to distract and Zap Spell to reset the charge of the Inferno. Not only that, you can send in your Hog Rider behind your Giant and it will quickly go after and destroy the Inferno Tower. Just make sure to use Zap Spell on the Inferno Tower after it locks onto the Giant for 3 seconds.

The Best Arena 8, 9, 10 and 11 Decks

Assuming that by now you have opened loads of chests so Legendary cards are not the real problem anymore…Splashyard v2.0 (Graveyard Poison)If you are lucky enough to have the Graveyard and Night Witch, you definitely should give this deck a try! This deck was created my one of our Clash Royale Arena members, lolman. This deck is recently dominating in the game and I really want to share it with you guys before the entire deck gets nerfed!This deck has been being used a lot in Clash Royale for a few seasons now. It is definitely one of the best Clash Royale decks at the moment because of how powerful Tornado Executioner combo is the current meta game (vs Night Witch, Lavaloon, Hog Rider, Giant etc). Thus, save the Tornado exclusively for Hog Rider/LavaLoon. Don’t reveal your Executioner too soon, save him until the right time.Start the game with either Skeletons/Ice Golem/Night Witch at the back.Try not to play Ice Golem Graveyard combo at the beginning unless your opponent spends more than 7 Elixir on the other lane (Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Barbarian Hut etc).Play defensively first then counterpush with Graveyard + anythink tanking for it. Only use Poison If the opponent plays Skeletons/Minions/Goblin Gang or anything cheap defending the Graveyard.To read every single tip for this deck, please take a look at this guide.
The original version of this deck that you might want to try out:
This deck was featured on CRA a few weeks ago.Hog Exenado (a.k.a Ez Win Ez Life)This is another dominating deck in Clash Royale right now! One of the best control decks at the moment!Hands down, this deck is fairy easy to use! Just play aggressively with Hog Rider and Ice Spirit push first to test the water and then play defensively, gaining positive Elixir trades with versatile cards you have here.This deck shines on both ladder and Challenges. I have gotten several 12 wins in Grand Challenges with this deck. It is also my go-to deck for the ladder at the moment.Ideally, you don’t want to play aggressively! Just start slowly first with either Knight, Skeletons or Ice Spirit at the back. Only use Hog at the beginning If you have a very bad starting hand (Hog, Lightning, Log, Executioner?).Try to figure out your opponent deck’s before using your Executioner (he is your key defense). Save him exclusively for Lavaloon or beatdown pushes.Use Tornado to deal with Hog Rider. If the opponent doesn’t use Hog, use Tornado to skyrocket your Executioner’s power. To read more about this deck, I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide! Lolman did an excellent job at explaining every single detail thing for you!!
Three Musketeer Split PushThis is one of the most unpredictable decks in Clash Royale!To be honest, the best deck list always contains at least one Three Musketeers deck. This is because how hard it is to deal with Three Musketeers, and how hard it is to play Three Musketeers.Try to Pump down first to gain Elixir advantage or at least to bait/figure out the opponent’s Spell in order to play your Three Musketeers better later on. Avoid playing Three Musketeers before the x2 Elixir time otherwise you will have hard times defending.Split your Musketeers and pair the lone one with either Miner/Battle Ram. Your opponent will have a very hard time defending on both lanes.I strongly recommend you take a look at here to read more about this deck and at here to see everything you must know about the Three Musketeers (placements, tips etc).
LavaloonIt is not hard to see that LavaLoon is rocking at the moment in Arena 11, especially above 4,000 trophies, due to the rise of heavy ground beatdown decks and the lack of air defenses. The Lavaloon deck below is the best deck has the highest winrate at the moment. This is literally the best Clash Royale deck right now!While using this deck, just slowly push with Lava Hound and force your opponent to react. Just don’t make the move If you don’t have Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army or Tombstone in your hand (in order to deal with Elite Barbarians, Hog Rider or Royal Giant). Since this is a very heavy deck, try not to overcommit (or not to play Balloon) unless you are having the Elixir advantage or it’s x2 Elixir time. Before Double Elixir, having a few Lava Pups doing chip damage to the opponent’s Tower is good enough.Sacrificing Tower’s HP is a mush while using this deck tho.

Bonus: Turn Your Deck into the Best Clash Royale Deck Ever!

Wassup Guys! It’s B-Yacht’CH (aka DabMaster2) back at it again with another guide for your guys. Today I’ll be explaining how to improve your deck, finding weaknesses, and overall making a better deck! Keep in mind, this is not a guide about how to make a deck, but this is only a guide to making a better deck.AdvertisementLet’s get into it!

Noticing Card Weaknesses and How to Fix Them!

The best way to find out your deck’s greatest weakness is while using the deck in battle. Play against many different decks and find out what card(s) your deck struggles with the most. It doesn’t always have to be a certain card, it could be a deck archetype like beatdown.Once you have that figured out the weakness, swap in a card which can help you counter your weakness.To find out what card to swap out for, think: Which card is the most like the card I’m swapping in?Cards have separate roles they fulfill (I’ll talk more about it later). Some role examples are: Tower killer, splash damage, and main defense.For example, you swap out a Tombstone (main defense) for a Cannon.Your substitutions don’t always work. Keep play testing your deck to find the most suitable cards to use.

Choosing the Right Spells for your Deck!

Spells are one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your deck. Spells can define your attack and defense. Spells are used to fill in the weaknesses of your deck and fulfill certain card roles that your cards don’t.Clash Royale Decks can use either 1 spell, 2 spells, or 3 spells.Too many, or no spells can be bad for a deck.

1 Spell – With only one spell, you will need to use a versatile direct damage spell. Examples are: zap, arrows, fireball. Having only one spell allows for the use of more troops but weakens your ability for direct damage and to damage your opponent’s troops with spells.

2 Spells – 2 Spells are the most common amount used in a deck. One spell is a high-damage spell while the other is a low-damage spell. This gives you a versatile spell arsenal.

3 Spells – Having 3 spells gives your deck a lot of spell versatility and allows you to control the battle more. You have 1 high-damage spell that you reserve for certain situations and 2 versatile spells to use on the fly.To decide exactly what spells to use, first identify what type of archetype you are using or what the playstyle is.Beatdown decks tend to use Lightning, Control decks can use a wide variety of spells, and Siege decks usually use spells to defend the siege weapon and a rocket as a backup plan to damage the enemy tower.Use spells which fill in weaknesses in your deck!For example, if you are using a Golem deck, use a Lightning spell to be able to take out an Inferno Tower. If your deck lacks splash damage, use Fireball and or Zap/Log to make up for the lack of splash damage. If you are using a “special effect” spell (Rage, Freeze, Clone, etc.), use Arrows or Zap for a versatile spell or use two other spells to give you the ability to use a high-damage spell and low-damage spell in combination with your “special effect” spell.

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