18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (2023)

Reporting tools are software that provides reporting, decision making, and business intelligence capabilities. It is also used for converting raw data into knowledge. These tools also allow you to extract and present data in charts, tables, and other visualization formats.

Following is a handpicked comparison list of Top Reporting applications in the market, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

1) Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service business intelligence and analytics platform. It allows users to create insightful dashboards and visually analyze any data in minutes. It features an AI powered assistant that enables users to ask questions and get intelligent answers in the form of meaningful reports.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (1)

Key Features:

  • 100+ readymade connectors for popular business apps, cloud drives and databases.
  • Wide variety of visualization options–charts, pivot tables, summary views, KPI widgets and custom themed dashboards.
  • Unified business analytics for analyzing data from across business apps.
  • Augmented analytics using AI, ML and NLP.
  • White label BI portals and embedded analytics solutions.

Visit Zoho Analytics

2) SolarWinds Compliance Reporting

SolarWinds Compliance Reporting is a software that helps you to collect log data from any device with ease.
This application enables you to generate internal and external regulatory reports of compliance.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (2)


  • You can schedule reports to run automatically.
  • This tool can identify suspicious behavior of device.
  • Enables you to export reports in a wide range of formats.
  • Offers 300+ compliance report templates.
  • You can filter to make customized reports.

Visit Compliance Report.

3) Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a reporting tool that enables you to monitor and compare the performance of multiple campaigns. This application allows you to transfer custom data from Google sheet and API.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (3)


  • Offers ready-to-use templates.
  • You can style report the way you like.
  • Enables you to collaborate with your team with ease.
  • It can automatically deliver reports to the clients.
  • You can customize the report according to your business needs.


4) Answerrocket

AnswerRocket is a reporting and analytical tool which automates analysis to answer your questions in seconds.
It also keeps you informed about business trends, performance, and opportunities.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (4)

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  • Offers a proactive and fast analysis
  • Designed for business peoples
  • This reporting software provides secure and scalable performance.
  • Enable everyone to self-serve analysis, and reclaim more time to focus on solving complex, high-value problems


5) SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Report helps you to build reports from SAP and other non-SAP data sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, etc. The knowledge of this tool helps the business leaders in developing advanced level reports and making accurate/profitable decisions.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (5)


  • Allows you to interact with various data sources
  • It can avoid the intervention of middle layers like universes
  • Easy interaction with SAP HANA
  • Powerful report writer and designer
  • Flexible application development
  • Report management and delivery
  • Administration via the web interface
  • Easy navigation system
  • Tracks information and keep data organized
  • Live connection to external data
  • Multi-data source reporting
  • OLAP (Pre-processed cube representation)
  • ROLAP (SQL-layer querying)


6) Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence data analytic tool that analyses and visualizes both big and disparate datasets in real-time. It is an ideal tool for preparing complex data for creating dashboards with a wide variety of visualizations.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (6)


  • Unify unrelated data into one centralized place
  • Create a single version of the truth with seamless data
  • Allows to build interactive dashboards with no tech skills
  • Query big data at very high speed
  • Possible to access dashboards even in the mobile device
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Enables to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics
  • Exports data to CSV, Excel, PDF Images and other formats
  • Ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data
  • Helps you to identify important metrics using filtering and calculations

Link: https://www.sisense.com/get/watch-demo-oem/

7) QlikView:

Qlikview is an enterprise reporting tool that is used for converting raw data into knowledge. This software acts like a human brain that works on “association” and helps you to get relevant solutions.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (7)


  • Data is stored in memory for multiple users to offers a super-fast user experience.
  • Offers consistent reporting
  • Transparent reporting and Scalability with data integration
  • Data will be compressed to 10% of its original size
  • Support various forms of data presentation
  • Offers fast implementation
  • Unique data discovery & global search
  • Secure Working Environment
  • Visual Analytics platform for indirect searches


8) JReport

JReport is a reporting tool that offers reports, dashboards, and data analytics within the content of your software. The tool gives users the ability to construct reports on the fly without the need to be database experts.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (8)


  • Build any responsive design or layout with drag and drop.
  • It helps you to leverage your security model.
  • Visualize operational data by sorting and filtering and export them back to PDF, Excel, and more.
  • Handle high concurrency and large output volumes.

Link: https://www.jinfonet.com/

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9) Board

Board is a management intelligence toolkit. It combines features of business intelligence and corporate performance management. It is designed to deliver business intelligence and reporting in a single package.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (9)


  • Analyze, simulate, plan and predict using a single platform
  • This report design software helps you to build customized analytical and planning applications
  • Board All-In-One combines Corporate Performance Management and Business analytics
  • It empowers businesses to develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications
  • Proprietary helps to report by accessing multiple data sources


10) IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM’s Cognos is a web-based reporting and analytics tool. It is one of the best reporting software that helps you to perform data aggregation and create user-friendly detailed reports. Cognos offers an option to export the report in PDF or XML formats. It is one of the best web based reporting tools which allows you to view the reports in XML format.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (10)


  • Offers In-memory streaming analytics
  • It provides Real-time events, alerts, and notifications.
  • Intuitive, appealing web 2.0 interface
  • Personalized and progressive interaction
  • Drag-and-drop, free-form assembly, and search-assisted authoring.
  • Automatic access to SAP BW queries
  • Allows features like scenario modeling, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics
  • Users can edit existing data.
  • It helps you to drill-through capabilities.
  • Potential image documentation integration.
  • Offers secure data as it is guarded by a firewall

Link: https://www.ibm.com/products/cognos-analytics

11) Izenda Reports

Izenda Reports is a reporting tool that offers embedded analytics & reporting for your application. The tool helps you to embed, scale, and monetize self-service reporting.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (11)


  • Allows you to eliminate ad-hoc reporting
  • Provides charts, graphs, and visualization Helps users to customize, configure, and share dashboards and reports
  • Helps you to maintain compliance with any privacy or security requirements


12) DBxtra

DBxtra is a reporting tool which allows non-experienced report designers to create and distribute business intelligence web-reports and dashboard. It also offers automatic Information Deployment

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (12)


  • Design reports and dashboards in minutes
  • DBxtra is affordable and doesn’t require additional hardware or software
  • Flexible and powerful reporting environment
  • Drag & drop allows you to produce your first reports and dashboards in minutes


13) Insight software

Insight software simplified report distribution and sharing across your organization. The tool offers flexible reports, fast analytics, and controlled budgeting solutions.

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18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (13)


  • Helps you to access shared and published reports from virtually any device
  • Run reports?and dashboards?
  • Automated the distribution of real-time reports?and dashboards

Link: https://insightsoftware.com/solutions/report-distribution/

14) Agency analytics

Agency analytics tool monitors and reports all types of marketing campaigns in a single place. This report design software also helps you to automate various types of marketing reports.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (14)


  • Allows you to view insights from all your client’s marketing channels in one app
  • It allows you to drag and drop custom widgets on a mobile-friendly dashboard.
  • You can upload your logo, choose your color scheme, and access it from your domain.
  • Create recurring tasks for every campaign


15) Fine report

Fine Report is business intelligence reporting & dashboard software. The tool summarizes your business performance visually, effectively monitor all ongoing operations, to identify new business opportunities.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (15)


  • Convenient database connection in one click
  • Helps you to summarize your business performance visually
  • Allows you to monitor your business performance
  • Powerful Decision-Making System
  • Create reports or dashboards with stunning data and visualization.
  • Allows you to merge data from ERP/OA/MES and other enterprise reporting systems in a single platform


16) Adaptive Insights

Adaptive data analytic and reporting empowers you to manage your business better. It also you to manage and ad-hoc financial reporting.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (16)


  • Business planning software built for business agility.
  • Offers features like Elastic Hypercube Technology
  • Built-in Financial and Sales Intelligence
  • Provides world-class security
  • The platform integrates with all your enterprise systems, no matter what they are.


17) BIRT

BIRT is an open source reporting and business intelligence tool. It is one of the best reporting tools in Java that consists of a visual report designer and a runtime component for the Java environment.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (17)

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  • Allows you to check data in a single view
  • Analyse billions of records in seconds
  • No complex data modeling
  • It is one of the best open source reporting tools that helps you to clean and enrich your data
  • Offers easy to use visuals
  • User autonomy and self-sufficiency


18) Jasper Report

Jasper reports is an open-source Java reporting engine. This Java class library offers reporting capabilities for your application. This reporting tool helps you to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer, or into HTML, PDF, XLS, RTF, CSV, XML, and TXT files.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (18)


  • It is one of the best Java reporting tools that offers a flexible report layout.
  • Developers can supply data in multiple ways.
  • It allows you to accept data from multiple data sources.
  • It allows you to apply watermark
  • Multiple data sources can be used to transfer data.
  • You can generate subreports
  • It helps you to export reports in a variety of formats like PDF, HTML, RTF, Microsoft Excel files.
  • The engine allows report definitions to include charts.

Link: https://www.jaspersoft.com/reporting-software

19) Andara BI

Andara BI is a business Intelligence and reporting tool for organizations of all sizes. This report generation tool is an intuitive, affordable, and collaborative eagle-view of business performance available on iPad and Web.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (19)

  • Helps you to collaboration online
  • Offers SSL security protocol
  • It helps organizations to gain control of all your finances, customers, processes, and human resources.
  • Helps you to export your reports to PDF

Links: https://andara.bi/

20) TapClicks

TapClicks reports you to communicate and collaborate with your clients via online dashboards and reports at any time of the day. It is one of the best analytics reporting tools that helps you to grow your relationships, upsell, and improve client retention.

18 BEST Reporting Tools & Software in 2022 (20)


  • Send proactive notifications to clients about great achievements
  • Provide an ability to group your marketing tools and combine your data through Channels
  • Add your service charge to client campaigns
  • Reflect total cost, which includes Margin/Mark-up in client reports.



❓ What are the Reporting Tools?

Reporting tools are software applications that provide reporting, decision making, and business intelligence capabilities. These tools are also used for converting raw data into knowledge. These tools also allow you to export reports to extract and present data in charts, tables, and other visualization formats.

🚀 Which are the Best Reporting Tools?

💻 What are Reporting Tools primarily used for?

Reporting tools are primarily used for applications like reporting, decision making, and business intelligence. These tools help users to visualize operational data and unify unrelated data into a central place. Reporting tools also help you to get effective business insights through data-rich presentations and interactive reports.

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Which is the best tool for reporting? ›

Reporting tools
  1. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most widely used free reporting tools. ...
  2. Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is one of the best free report building software. ...
  3. OWOX BI. ...
  4. Funnel. ...
  5. Supermetrics. ...
  6. Improvado. ...
  7. Datorama.

What tools do you use for reporting? ›

10 reporting tools to try
  • Whatagraph. Whatagraph is a reporting tool that's especially useful for tracking social media and marketing analytics. ...
  • Power BI. Power BI is a data visualization tool. ...
  • Reportei. ...
  • Hive. ...
  • Wrike. ...
  • Octoboard. ...
  • Tableau. ...
  • ProWorkflow.

Which software is best for project report making? ›

Compare with
  • Jira.
  • BaseCamp.
  • Monday.com.
  • Microsoft Project.
  • Wrike.
  • Trello.
  • Team Gantt.
  • Asana.

What features should I look at in a good reporting software? ›

10 Basic Features You Should Look For in a BI Tool
  • 1 – Data Connectivity. The first step in the road to visualize you data is to actually get to your data. ...
  • 2 – Data Management. ...
  • 3 – Visualizations. ...
  • 4 – Publication. ...
  • 5 – Automation. ...
  • 6 – No Hardware/No On-Premise Software. ...
  • 7 – Mobile. ...
  • 8 – Integrated User Security.
18 Jan 2019

Is SQL a reporting tool? ›

SQL reporting software enables users to monitor, manipulate, and extract reports created on a specialized platform with interactive data visualizations and sharing options.

Is Excel a reporting tool? ›

Excel is a great tool for data management and analysis, but it is not an effective reporting tool. Connecting Excel to a report software like Databox will allow you to create effective reports using your data from Excel and whatever other tools your team uses.


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